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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 42, Issue 1

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 42.1
( 1967-08-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Blood lactic acid concentration in black bullheads, Ictalurus melas, after transportation and forced exercise. Charles W. Caillouet Jr. 1

Yield and composition of oats. K.J. Frey, P.L. Rodgers, W.F. Wedin, L. Walter, W.J. Moline and J.C. Burns. 9

Physiological variation in Scotch pine seedlings in relation to light intensity and provenance. G.F. Gatherum, J.C. Gordon, and B.F.S. Broerman. 27

Determination of maximum likelihood estimators for the three parameter Weibull distribution. C.T Haan and C.E. Beer. 37

Caddisfly (Trichoptera) collections from the Mississippi River at lock and dam 19. Thomas L. Wenke. 43

Cellulase activity in corn stalks infected with Fusarium moniliforme Sheld. and its relation to stalk rot. R.W. Inkenberry and D.C. Foley. 47

On the standardization of C14 for primary production estimates in aquatic environments. Lawrence F. Small. 63

The seiches of Lake West Okoboji. Everett J. Fee. 73

Forest owner attitudes toward forestry. Carl H. Stoltenberg and James H. Gottsacker. 83

List of Masters' Theses, 1966-67. 89

List of Doctoral Dissertations, 1966-67. 108