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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 15, Issue 3

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Iowa Farm Science Vol. 15, No. 3
( 1960-09-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Why Families DO or DON'T Leave Farming
( 1960-09-01) Bivens, Gordon ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

More than financial sacrifice or low farm income is involved in a farm family's thinking of a change in occupation or location. Other factors are social, psychological and economic ones other than low farm income-

What About High-Moisture Corn for Hogs?
( 1960-09-01) Hunt, William ; Jones, J. ; Speer, Vaughn ; Hays, Virgil ; Catron, Damon ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

High-moisture corn is a satisfactory feedstuff for growing-finishing hogs, according to the results of a series of tests at Iowa State. But high-moisture corn calls for special storage and handling to maintain quality.

What Agriculture Is Up Against
( 1960-09-01) Heady, Earl ; Heer, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Has agriculture itself built all of its present predicament? With so many proposals being made and the time for action coming closer, here's a review of some of the "outside" forces and their impact on farming.

Adjust Farm Production by Regions?
( 1960-09-01) Heady, Earl ; Egbert, Alvin ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Nationwide, across-the-board production control could solve our immediate farm surplus problem. But it may not achieve or encourage the more stable, permanent and economic types of adjustments necessary for the longer run.