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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 12, Issue 1

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 12.4
( 1938-07-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Determination of Characteristics Involved in the Ability to Drive an Automobile With Emphasis on the Reactions of the Driver. LaVerne Johnson and J.E. Evans pages 415-440

Examination of Butter With the Burri Smear Culture Technic. H.F. Long and B.W. Hammer pages 441-450

A Logarithmic Sector and a Slit for Use in Spectographic Analysis. Harley A. Wilhelm pages 451-454

Equilibrium of a Thin Plate Symmetrically Loaded on a Flexible Subgrade. D.L. Holl pages 455-460

Notes pn the Internal Anatomy of Canton laevis Drury. Robert H. Cooper pages 461-466

Effect on Fumigation of Wheat on Amylase Content. Vera Dawson Martin pags 467-470

Zeros of a Class of Polynomials Associatd With Bateman's K-function. J.M. Bates pages 471-474

Hygroscopicity as a Factor in the Thermal Conductivity of Loose-fill Insulators. H.E. Ruff pages 475-484

Iowa State College Journal of Science 12.1
( 1937-10-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Oxidative Degradation of Silk. II. Minnie Lichte and Rachel Edgar pages 1-4

Seed Impermeability and Viability of Native and Introduced Spcies of Leguminosae. Mary Erne-Jean Hutton and R.H. potter pages 5-24

Strophostyles helvola (L.) Britton, Its habits and Probable Value on Eroded Areas. John N, Martin pages 25-36

Ground State of the Li Atom. Charles P. Wells pages 37-42

Mammals of Iowa, Thos. G. Scott pages 43-98

Abstracts of Doctoral Theses. pages 99-180

Iowa State College Journal of Science 12.3
( 1938-04-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Food and Cover relationship in the Winter Survival of the Ring-necked Pheasant, Phasianus colchicus torquatus Gmelin, in Northern Iowa. William Edward Green pages 285-314

Buckling Loads for Edge Loaded Clamped Plates. Donald H. Rock pages 315-320

A Flora of Winneshiek and Allamakee Counties and Clayton County in the Vicinity of McGregor. William L. Tolstead pages 321-384

A Colorirmetric Method for the Microdetermination of Diacetyl. E.A. Prill and B.W. hammer pages 385-396

Cytologial and Morphological Features Associated with Impotency of Pollen of the Winesap Apple. John N. Martin pages 397-404

The Influence of the Ration on Mortality from Caecal Coccidiosis in Chicks. Elery R. Becker and Philip C. Waters pages 405-414

Iowa State College Journal of Science 12.2
( 1938) Iowa State University Digital Repository

A Report of Some Recent Studies on Species of Gasterophilus Occuring in Horses in the United States. R.W. Wells and E.F. Knipling pages 181-204

Fractionation of Oat Hull Lignin. Wilbur S. Claus and Ralph M. Hixon pages 205-210

Biological Assay of Feeding Stuffs in a basal Ration for Coccidium-growth-promoting Substance II. Barley, Rye, Wheat Bran, Wheat Flour Middlings, ZSoy Bean Meal. Elery R. Becker and Russel C. Derbyshire pages 211-216

The Development of Vascular Tissues and the Initiation of the Inflorescence in Holcus sorghum. Chao-Hsi Chen pages 217-226

Notes on North American Spiders of the Families Gnaphosidea, Anypaenidae, and Clubionidae. Irving Fox pages 227-244

Behavior of Butyric Acid-butyl Alcohol Bactria Toward Acetylmethylcarbinol and Asparagin. R.W. Brown, G.L. Stahly, and C.H. Werkman pages 245-252

An Interesting texas Cucurbit, Cucurbita pepo, L. var. ovifera Alef. (C. texana, Gray). A.T. Erwin pages 253-262

Zeros of the Legendre Polynomials. E.R. Smith pages 263-274

Dissimilation of Intermediary Compounds in the Butyl-isopropyl Alcohol Fermentation. O.L. osburn, R.W. Brown and C.H. Werkman pages 275-284