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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 14, Issue 6

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The Farm Problem- What's Behind It?
( 1959-12-01) Thompson, Leon ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Five or 10 years ago, many folks were "sure" about how to improve farm policy. Time has softened many of these once firm convictions, and new proposals are being made. How realistic are these new proposals?

How Do Owners Get Their Farms?
( 1959-12-01) Strohbehn, Roger ; Timmons, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The pathway to farm ownership has seldom been an easy one. And along with some of the changes in the pattern of Iowa farmland ownership, we find that the ways in which owners acquire their land are changing, too.

For Your Interest
( 1959-12-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This monthly section presents brief reports on the progress, results and applications of farm and home research currently being conducted by your agricultural and home economics experiment station at Iowa State.

Storage and Supports Have Worked, But...
( 1959-12-01) Shepherd, Geoffrey ; Kutish, Francis ; Kaldor, Don ; Heifner, Richard ; Paulsen, Arnold ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Storage and supports have worked, but what would have happened without them in the 1952-58 period? Farm p rices and incomes would have dropped, say these authors. Withholding grain did have the effect of raising prices and incomes in this period. But is it possible we've only borrowed this increase from the future?

Who'll Gain From More Livestock?
( 1959-12-01) Futrell, Gene ; Paulsen, Arnold ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Individual farm family incomes may drop substantially as the result of increased production in prospect for the next several years. Reductions in individual family food bills, however, probably will be slight.