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Ellen H. Richards' Day
( 2017-05-08) Evinger, Irene ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

December third has been set aside as Ellen H. Richards Day in our Home Economics organizations. Because she is one of the most outstanding women in the Home Economics field, it has seemed very fitting to celebrate her birthday.

Food Preparation at the Union
( 2017-05-08) Dean, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

When entertaining at the Memorial Union, whether it be for a party of six or of six hundred, have you ever paused to think oi the planning and mechanism necessary to carry it out successfully?

Sculpture on the Library
( 2017-05-08) Wiley, Nell ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Everywhere on the campus of Iowa State College we are aware of the beauty and art in buildings and surroundings. An example of especially fine art is seen on the panels of our library. It is one of the finest libraries in the middle west. The two panels in low relief are at the corners of the upper part of the facade and were cut after the stone was in place, necessitating the erection of high scaffolds, so that Miss Nellie Walker, the noted sculptress, who designed the panels, could work from the outside. A kind of canvas tent was built around the scaffold, which aroused curious minds. The panels were not fully disclosed until they were almost finished. The panel to the right as one faces the building symbolizes the .activities of the girls and represents, from left to right, Art, Home Economics, both domestic and industrial, and Literature. The panel to the left represents the interests of the boys, Engineering, Science, Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture.

More and More on Less and Less
( 2017-05-08) Spencer, Lucille ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A number of years ago, while families of fourteen and fifteen were still in vogue, architects vied with each other to furnish a large, livable kitchen. There was a huge range, where all toasted their toes on chill wintry days, and where mother perspired correspondingly on balmy summer days. There was the pan· try, with its complete stock of staples, the cellar, only twenty feet from the back porch, with a storage capacity envied by our wholesalers in this age of limited warehouse space; there was the work table, alternately used for the actual labor of preparing meals, and later adorned with the famous and now extinct red table cloth, exalted to the feeding and social center of the family.

Ceramic Engineering at Iowa State
( 2017-05-08) Goodrow, Lillian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Ceramic Engineering is primarily a course for engineers, and study in it leads to a bachelor of science degree. The ceramic technology course prepares men for silicate industries, which include the manufacture of heavy products (bricks, tiles and terra cotta), tableware, glassware, enamel, sanitary ware and chemical stoneware, as well as manufacture of fine wares, as art pottery and porcelain.