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The Iowa Homemaker vol.26, no.6 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 26, Issue 6

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1947 Vicky Turns the Page of Fashion
( 2017-07-24) Fuhs, Ann ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Vicky, the typical Iowa State coed, is caught up in the gay whirl of winter quarter activities. She rates a greeting from the snow man, who will show his approval of her new grey coachman coat by melting into a deep bow.

Extracurricular Activities Provide Training For Business Positions
( 2017-07-24) DeLay, Tony ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Tony DeLay, '45, former sports editor of the Daiiy Student, explains value of college activity programs as related to possible future positions

High School Clubs Combine As Future Homemakers of America
( 2017-07-24) Bates, Barbara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Towards New Horizons" is the motto of this newly organized program, says Barbara Bates

Good Professional Scope Begins Adjustment To Business Life
( 2017-07-24) Lush, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A new home economics graduate spends most of her efforts during the early months of her first position adjusting to the changes from college to professional life.

Festival Book Aids Party Planning
( 2017-07-24) Madsen, Luanne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

To those for whom planning parties, festivals or exhibits is a chore, here's a book, which will transform the problem into one that's more fun than a picnic.