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The Iowa Homemaker vol.19, no.5 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 19, Issue 5

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Biography of a Home Economist
( 2017-05-24) Ambrose, Shirley ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A canoe or a pair of skates are all that Mable V. Campbell, H. Ec. '08, needs for a gay time. But her accomplishments number far above these two favorite sports, for Miss Campbell is professor of home economics education and supervisor of graduate work at the Woman's College of the University of North Carolina.

A Child's World
( 2017-05-24) Stultz, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Merrill-Palmer, a school of child development, as seen by Ruth Stultz.

Pet Peeves Come Out From Behind the Desks
( 2017-05-24) White, Eleanor ; Ary, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Eleanor White speaks up for the teachers in their criticisms of student behavior. Jean Ary retaliates on behalf of the student.

Sound and Screen - Education Vitalizers
( 2017-05-24) Boeye, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Margaret Boeye takes you into the modernized American schoolroom.

With Furs and Feathers and High Hats, Sally Swings into 1940
( 2017-05-24) Monson, Kay ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It's a bright colored, wasp-waisted, full-Skirted new year, says Kay Monson.