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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 22, Issue 1

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 22.3
( 1948-04-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Development of Waxy Corn For Industrial Use. G.F. Sprague and Merle T. Jenkins pages 205-214

A List of Generalized Laplace Transforms. W.M. Stone pages 215-226

Growth of Yellow Pikeperch, Stizostedion viteum vitreum (Mitchill), In Some Iowa Lakes, With A Summary of Growth Rates Reported in Other Areas. Kenneth D. Carlander pages 227-238

Reinfection With Trypanosoma lewisi and Recurrence of Reproduction in Recovered and Near-Recovered Rats. Elery R. Becker and Michael G. Lysenko pages 239-256

Histological Structure of the Stem of Zea Mays in Relation to Stiffness of Stalk. Jean Anne Magee pages 257-268

Runoff Water As An Agent in the Loss of Soluble Materials From Certain Soils. Jay C. Bryant and C.S. Slater pages 269-316

Iowa State College Journal of Science 22.1
( 1947-10-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Abstracts of Doctoral Theses. pages 1-90

Studies on Oxygen-Carrying Cobalt Compounds:

VIII. Analogues of Disalicylalethylenediimine Cobalt with O-Hydrocarbonyl Compounds Other Than Salicylaldehyde. Harvey Diehl, Lawrence M. Liggett, George C. Harrison, Clifford C. Hach and Ross Curtis pages 91-109

IX. Analogues of Disalicylalethylenediimine Cobalt with Diamines Other Than Ethylenediamine. Harvey Diehl, Lawrence M. Liggett, Clifford C. Hach, Geroge C. Harrison, Lois Henselmeier, R.W. Schwandt, and John Mathews Jr. pages 110-125

X. Cobalt Derivatives of the Schiff's Bases of Salicylaldehyde with Alkylamines. Harvey Diehl and Tsai S. Chao pages 126-128

Iowa State College Journal of Science 22.4
( 1948-07-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Foreward. Lyle F. Watts pages 317-318

Professor G.B. MacDonald. Russell E. Getty, George C. Harrison, and J.A. Larsen pages 319-322

Survival and Growth of Various Grades of Shorleaf Pine Planting Stock. A.G. Chapman pages 323-332

Cumulative Tallying Brought Up to Date. Clarence D. Chase pages 333-340

Lumber Recovery From "Woods Waste" Logs. E.M. Davis pages 341-348

The Small, Low-Income Landholding: A Problem in Forest Conservation. William A. Duerr pages 349-362

Forest Products Research in Oregon. Paul M. Dunn pages 363-370

Growth of Tree Plantings For Erosion Control in the Southeastern Region. J.A. Gibbs pages 371-386

A Range Test of Species Adaptability. Richard M. Hurd pages 387-394

Judging Range Condition and Trend In Average Range Inventory Project. George W. Kansky pages 395-404

Early Researches in the Relations of Forest Fires and Unusual Weather Conditions, Humidity, Duff Moisture, and Inflammability. J.A. Larsen pages 405-414

Evaluation of Tree Risk In the Spruce-Fir Region of the Northeast. Thomas F. McLintock pages 415-420

Diameter-Growth Studies of Northern Red Oak and Their Possible Silvicultural Implication. Harold F. Scholz pages 421-430

Planting of Water-Tolerant Trees Along Margins of Fluctuating-Level Reservoirs. T.H. Silker pages 431-448

Influence of Planted Tree Belt in Plainfield Sand on Erosion Control and Moisture Conservation. Fred B. Trenk pages 449-461

Iowa State College Journal of Science 22.2
( 1948) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Studies on Oxygen-Carrying Cobalt Compunds:

XI. Oxygen-Carrying Compounds Derived From Mixtures of O-Hydoxyaldehydes. Harvey Diehl, Richard J. Brouns, George C. Harrison, and Lawrence M. Liggett pages 129-140

XII. An Attempted Synthesis of an Unsymmetric Schiff's Base of Ethylenediamine. Lawrence M. Liggett and Harvey Diehl pages 141-149

XII. Apparatus For Determining The Capacity and Rate of Oxy-genation of Solid Materials. Harvey Diehl, Clifford C. Hach, George C. Harrison, Lawrence M. Liggett, and Richard J. Brouns pages 150-164

XIV. The Design of Apparatus For the Manufacture of Oxygen Using Co-Ox and Its Derivatives. Clifford C. Hach and Harvey Diehl pages 165-176

Effect on Corn Seed Treated With Tetrachloro-Para-Benzoquinone On The Growth and Fattening Of Swine. George L. McNew pages 177-184

Growth of the Yellow Bass, Morone interrupta Gill, in Clear Lake, Iowa. William M. Lewis and Kenneth D. Carlander pages 185-196

Noxious Weed Examinations-Time Saving Methods. Duane Isely pages 197-204