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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 28, Issue 1

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 28.1
( 1953-09-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Neurogenic factors in ovulation. William Hansel 1

The influence of the environment on reproduction in female farm animals Frederick N. Andrews 9

Relation of nutrition to endocrine-reproduction in female farm animals. Joseph Meites 19

Gonadotrophic activity of pituitary glands and the induction of ovulation. A.V. Nalbandov 45

The role of estrogens and progesterone in ovulation. R.H. Dutt 55

Role of thyroid hormone in reproductive physiology of the female. E.P. Reineke and Fouad A. Soliman 67

Egg transfer and superovulation in farm animals. E.L. Willett 83

The future of ova transfer. Arthur E. Dracy 101

Motility patterns in the female reproductive tract. N.L. Vandemark and R.L. Hays 107

Prenatal death as a factor in the fertility of farm animals. L.E. Casida 119

Factors involved in sterility in farm animals. S.A. Asdell 127

Problems in the field of physiology of reproduction of farm animals. H.H. Cole 133