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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 1, Issue 9

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Good Pasture Saves Corn!
( 1947-03-01) Peterson, Maurice ; Browning, G. ; Beresford, Rex ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Sound soil management calls for shifting more of our land now in cultivated crops to grass. Farmers are interested in how to manage pastures to get the greatest returns from them. To help solve this problem, we set up a test at the Page County Soil Conservation Experimental Farm. We wanted to learn what properly managed pastures were worth to cattle feeders.

Farm Outlook
( 1947-03-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

More meat than any time since the days before World War I! That's the prospect ahead for Mr. and Mrs. American Consumer this year.

Skimmilk Drying ... A War Baby?
( 1947-03-01) Mathis, Anthony ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Iowa gained a new dairy industry out of World War II- skimmilk drying. Iowa's dried skimmilk output in 1945 was more than 2,000 percent, or 20 times, that of 1939. Other areas also expanded skimmilk drying operations. Total U.S. dried skimmilk production increased 60 percent during the war.

A Report on Iowa Farm Housing
( 1947-03-01) Douglas, Edna ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

What's ahead for housing during the next few years? That's a question many Iowa farm families are pondering these days.

Water From the Faucet!
( 1947-03-01) Shrunk, Naomi ; Hurley, Candace ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

So you want running water in your home.