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Evergreen trees for Iowa Bulletin: Volume 15, Issue 170

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Evergreen trees for Iowa
( 2017-08-10) MacDonald, G. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Evergreens, or coniferous trees, are of great importance in Iowa for shelterbelts and windbreaks, to say nothing of their value for ornamental planting. Altho only a few evergreens are native to Iowa, a large number have been successfully introduced into the state, including several from Europe. The most desirable of these are listed in this bulletin with brief descriptions of their characteristics, their value for various purposes and methods of planting and growing.

A shelterbelt is essential on every farm in Iowa to protect the home buildings and the feed lots. If it is not provided by natural timber, then a shelterbelt should be planted. Likewise, the windbreak, consisting of a single row of trees for the protection of farm crops from the drying winds, is of value in Iowa, particularly in the northwestern part of the state. The evergreen lends itself excellently to both uses—much better than trees which shed their leaves in winter time when shelterbelt protection is especially needed. Evergreens may also be used for the planting of waste areas of sandy, rocky or wet lands to produce posts, poles or lumber. They may also be used effectively on lands which are too steep for cultivation to protect them against erosion.