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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 37, Issue 5

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One Flight Down to Fantasy
( 2017-08-15) Smith, William ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Beginning early this month and continuing until the end of the Christmas season, the department stores will be crowded with children flocking to Toyland to see what Santa has in store for them. There will be dolls and doll houses, space-suits, stuffed toys and in one particularly congested area, accurately scaled model trains.

They Taught Us To Read
( 2017-08-15) Caulker, Amelia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

How I think of home today! Home-warm climate, heavy rains, gorgeous sunset and moonlight, the mountains, the sea, the folks-Sierra Leone.

Sophisticate Your Old Favorite
( 2017-08-15) Rasmussen, Diane ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The pungent odor of seasonal foods, the glamour of familiar surroundings in holiday dress, and the excitement of planning extra-special surprises- these are part of Christmas.

Creating From-me-to-you Messages
( 2017-08-15) Allbee, Corky ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Art and sentiment are carefully combined by the highest standards of style and good taste into a form of expression that enjoys universal acceptance - greeting cards.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.37, no.5
( 2017-08-15) Smith, William ; Rasmussen, Diane ; Dailey, Laura ; Allbee, Corky ; Caulker, Amelia ; Boughton, Carole ; Marshall, Peter ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

One Flight Down to Fantasy, William Smith, page 4

Sophisticate Your Old Favorite, Diane Rasmussen, page 6

Be Letter Perfect, Laura Dailey, page 7

Creating – From-me-to-you messages, Corky Allbee, page 8

They Taught Us to Read, Amelia Caulker, page 11

Color Reactions, Carole Boughton, page 13

Let’s Keep Christmas, Condensed from sermon by Peter Marshall, page 14