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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 40, Issue 3

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 40.3
( 1966-02-15) Iowa State University Digital Repository

A contribution to the anatomical development of the acorn in Quercus L. H. Lloyd Mogensen. 221

Morphological investigations of the internal anatomy of the fifth larval instar of the European corn borer. H.G. Drecktrah, K.L. Knight, T.A. Brindley 257

European larch provenance trial in northeast Iowa. G.E. Gatherum. 287

The effect of environmental temperature on forage dry matter intake and milk yield of lactating cows. John A. Sims and A.R. Porter. 293

Effect of herbicides on seedling development in an Iowa conifer plantation. Carl J. Goebel. 303

List of Masters' Theses, 1964-65. 315

List of Doctoral Dissertations, 1964-65. 331