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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 11, Issue 11

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Planning for Top Farm Profits
( 1957-05-01) Howell, H. ; Loftsgard, Laurel ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The the problem is one of getting top returns from the entire farm. This article furnishes guideposts to types of shifts among enterprises that influence returns as your resources and other farm conditions vary.

New Area Recommendations For Oats
( 1957-05-01) Frey, K. ; Horner, T. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Beginning in the fall of 1957, Iowa State College oat variety recommendations will be made on the basis of four state areas. Who determined the areas? Why, none other than the oat varieties themselves.

What Bedding for Dairy Cattle?
( 1957-05-01) Foreman, C. ; Porter, A. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Types of bedding materials available for Iowa dairy herds have changed in recent years. Changes in methods of harvesting small grains and in the acreages of small grains planted have resulted in less straw being available for bedding material. And many other materials are being used as bedding for dairy cattle.

Your Division of Agriculture Reports
( 1957-05-01) Kottman, Roy ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This report, prepared by Roy M. Kottman, associate dean for resident instruction in agriculture, indicaates that education will have an increasing obligation and role in aiding and guiding our farm youth in the years ahead.

Farm Outlook
( 1957-05-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Hog production is turning upward again in the Corn Belt. But the March 1, 1957, USDA pig crop report for the nine main hog raising states indicates that upturn will be moderate this spring.