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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 21, Issue 12

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Three New and Better Large-Seeded Soybeans
( 1967-06-01) Weber, C. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Disnoy, Magna and Prize are thre new soybean varieties for special foreign and domestic markets where large seeds are desired. The new varieties are in the hands of seed producers this year and will be available for commercial production next year.

Cash in on Genetic Opportunities for Feeder Cattle
( 1967-06-01) Taylor, Robert ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Too few cattle feeders pay attention to the breeding background of the animals in their lots. Some useful genetic principles based on recent research are summarized in this article.

Farm Outlook
( 1967-06-01) Futrell, Gene ; Wisner, Robert ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Utilization of corn for feed in the first half of the marketing year was about 1 percent lower than a year earlier. Reasons for the decrease include less favorable livestock-feed price ratios than last year and substitution of other feed grains for corn. Total exports were about 29 percent below the same period a year ago.

For Your Interest
( 1967-06-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Animal science topics this month include the influence of nutrition and management upon reproduction, the affect of radiation on different breeds of swine, and the function of rumen protozoa on digestion in lambs. A special report concerns Iowa's furnitiure building firms, their productsa and operating methods.

Owners See More To Forests Than Trees
( 1967-06-01) Stoltenberg, Carl ; Gottsacker, James ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Surprisingly, many of Iowa's forest owners do not view cash income as the primary value of their woodlands. Often, owners rank grazing, recreation, erosion control or wood for home use as more important.