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Cold storage for Iowa apples Bulletin: Volume 9, Issue 108

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Cold storage for Iowa apples
( 2017-08-03) Eustace, H. ; Beach, S. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Under present conditions of apple growing in Iowa temporary gluts are common in very many local markets from the time the earliest fruits begin to ripen till early autumn or mid autumn followed usually by an immediate shortage as soon as the early fruit passes out of season. This holds true to a constantly increasing extent from south central Iowa to the north boundary of the State. The result is low prices locally for much of the early fruit with high prices usually prevailing from mid autumn to the end of the season. Even though prices are high very often the available supply of winter apples is not first-class fruit.

The experiments demonstrate that certain desirable fall apples which are hardy enough to be grown sucessfully even in northern Iowa, can be held in good market condition through the winter months if handled carefully and stored quickly. This makes it possible to maintain a supply of home-grown fruit till late winter or early spring even in those parts of Iowa where practically none but early apples are now grown.