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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 15, Issue 3

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Impaction of the Fore-Stomachs and Abomasum in a Cow
( 1953) Smith, John ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On Jan. 2, 1953, a six-year-old Brown Swiss cow was admitted to Stange Memorial Clinic with a history of having been bloated for three days. A trocar and cannula had been inserted in the left paralumbar fossa in the field and the cannula was still in place when the patient entered the clinic.

Student News
( 1953) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Retention of a Reduced Coxofemoral Luxation by the Use of an Intramedullary Bone Pin
( 1953) Warner, Bob ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The following two cases are described in order to illustrate a method devised by Dr. Durwood Baker for retaining a reduced luxation of the coxofemoral articulation by using an intramedulary bone pin when the opposite femur was fractured.

We Can Eradicate Swine Diseases
( 1953) Young, George ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Statistics indicate that four out of ten pigs born alive never go to market. And the six survivors are often marketed at an economic disadvantage because of diseases that retard their growth. Articles such as "Has Disease Undermined the Swine Industry?", "Are your Pigs worth a Penny?" and "We Have Too Many Sick Hogs" point out how seriously the present swine disease situation is viewed by those close to and interested in the swine industry. As veterinarians or prospective veterinarians, we have a definite interest in good animal health and thus must be concerned about the seriousness of swine diseases. Any and all means of disease control which our profession can apply to relieve the swine industry should be given careful consideration. It is the purpose of this article to acquaint the veterinary student with a new and effective means of swine disease eradication.

Veterinary Medicine, Iowa State College, 1953
( 1953) Iowa State University Digital Repository