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The Iowa Homemaker vol.10, no.6 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 10, Issue 6

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"It's Vitamized..."
( 2017-05-09) House Irwin, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Vitamins - those tricky little uncertainties- have managed, during the last ten years, to upset more weighty theories and distract more conscientious housewives than any of us care to remember. Therefore, it seems only fair that vitamins should be made to line up their ever-increasing dietetic alphabet and fully explain themselves to those of us who are not quite sure what the big to-do concerning tomato juice and vegetable cooking water is really all about.

"Thirty Days to Shop"
( 2017-05-09) Waugh, Alice ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In the rush of Christmas shopping we often neglect to study our gifts as carefully as we study the things we buy at other times during the year. How many of the things that we see in the shops are really lovely in shape, line and color, to say nothing of decoration? Someone has said that we should never give anything as a gift that we would not be glad to keep for ourselves. This is a good rule to keep in mind when making or buying Christmas gifts.

Yuletide Wrappings...
( 2017-05-09) Goethe, Nelle ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Christmas season is the gift-giving season! Each gift-even the most practical, can be enhanced if it is wrapped suitable and attractively. By suitably-it is inferred that the package is appropriate for the gift and for the one who is to receive it. For instance, children are delighted with gifts that are wrapped in figured paper (such as that paper which has figures of a Santa Claus on it), or with packages enclosed with bright gummed Christmas seals.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.10, no.6
( 2017-05-09) House Irwin, Margaret ; White, Anne ; Sindt, Elsa ; Waugh, Alice ; Pammel, Violet ; Pammel, Doris ; Goethe, Nelle ; Woodburn, Ila ; Austen, Clara ; Carlson, Thelma ; Hansen, Joanne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

“It’s Vitamized…” by Margaret House Irwin, page 1

Look at Your Face! by Anne White, page 2

Merry Christmas…! by Elsa C. Sindt, page 3

“Thirty Days to Shop” by Alice Waugh, page 4

I. S. Sisters Make Good… by Violet and Doris Pammel, page 4

Yuletide Wrappings… by Nelle Goethe, page 5

Chemistry – Why Study It? by Ila Woodburn, page 5

4-H Club by Clara Austen, page 6

Be Your Own Repair Man… by Thelma Carlson, page 7

Teachers Meet at Des Moines, page 8

Indian Students Aid Ghandi…, page 10

Editorial, page 11

Alumnae Echoes…, page 12

Noel at House Beautiful by Joanne Hansen, page 14

Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-05-09) Austin, Clara ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"How would you like a trip to Springfield, Mass., to represent Iowa 4-H girls at the Eighth International 4-H Leader Training School" What would you say if Mrs. Josephine Arnquist Bakke, state 4-H leader, asked you this question? You would answer, ''Oh, I'd like it!'' just as Martha Ann Isaacs, winner of the trip really did. In Martha Ann's report to the Johnson County Farm Bureau paper, a portion of which follows, she tells some of her experiences at the training school.