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The utilization of heat from electric surface units by certain cooking utensils Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin: Volume 19, Issue 212

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The utilization of heat from electric surface units by certain cooking utensils
( 2017-05-31) Peet, Louise ; MacDonald, Lucille ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

1. The distribution of temperature over the surface of an electric unit was fairly uniform. The temperature at the outer edge was slightly lower than at any other position on the unit.

2. Enamelware, copper and black-bottom aluminum pans of the same size, shape, thickness and bottom surface contour were practically equal in cooking efficiency for heating water and for typical short time and long time cooking processes. The natural finish aluminum pan was slightly less efficient.

3. The encased units, Calrod, Chromalox and Corox, required the least time to complete various typical cooking processes. Open units required slightly longer time, and enclosed labyrinth, cast-in and cone reflector units took the longest time.

4. When preheated units were used the encased units required the least time for cooking. The open, cast-in and enclosed labyrinth units required a slightly longer time, while the cone reflector type required considerably longer time.

5. Teakettles and stew pans of the same material and of the same capacity required approximately the same time for heating water.

6. The material of the pan has comparatively little effect on the cooking efficiency of the pan.

7. A black bottom finish tends to increase to a slight degree the cooking efficiency of aluminum pans but does not increase the efficiency of enamelware utensils.

8. Various cooking operations require slightly less time on encased electric surface units than on the open, enclosed, cast-in, or cone reflector types.

9. A utensil for use on an electric unit should fit the unit and should have straight sides, a flat bottom surface and a well-fitting lid.