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ISC Centennial Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 20, Issue 2

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Bad Teeth, Malnutrition, and Pregnancy Disease
( 1958) Hall, Rodney ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Once again it is that time of year when the sheep men suffer their losses from the condition known as "Pregnancy Disease." It is a good guess that many veterinarians are or will be hearing and seeing cases similar to the following one recently presented to the Stange Memorial Clinic.

External Fixation of a Multiple-Fractured Canine Pelvis
( 1958) Rosenquist, Bruce ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On Nov. 6, 1957, a 6-month old female Red Bone Coonhound entered the Stange Memorial Clinic with a history of being hit by a car. Examination revealed fractures of the pelvis and a 2-inch laceration on the lateral surface of the right elbow. Except for the fact that the d og could and would not rise and carry any weight on his hind quarters, he appeared in fairly good clinical condition. Pain was manifested upon palpation of the ossa coxarum.

The Problem of "Lame" Chickens and Turkeys
( 1958) Balloun, Stanley ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Poultry--perhaps because of the fact that evolution resulted in the transformation of their forelimbs into wings, with a resultant greater strain on their remaining two legs-seem much like people in being bothered by "bad feet." Frequently the cause lies in a sort of "no man's land" between nutrition and management, but the fact remains that a host of disorders of the feet and legs of chickens and turkeys continues to plague the veterinarian, the nutritionist and the poultryman.

Canine Pyloric Stenosis
( 1958) Davis, Durwood ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Pyloric stenosis arises from muscular hypertrophy and is considered to be congenital. According to Secord, it is seen most frequently in Boxer and Boston Terrier puppies.

Student News
( 1958) Iowa State University Digital Repository