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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 59, Issue 1

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Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever
( 1997) Iverson, Phillip ; Will, Loren ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In 1976, epidemics of severe hemorrhagic fever occurred simultaneously in both Zaire and Sudan. Of 550 cases reported, fatalities reached 88% in Zaire and 53% in Sudan, resulting in a total of 430 deaths. Ebola virus, named after a small river in northwest Zaire, was isolated from both epidemics. It was discovered during this outbreak that the spread of the epidemic was dependent on close contact with clinical cases and that it was stifled when basic quarantine procedures were instituted.

Pet Loss Support Hotline Established at the College of Veterinary Medicine
( 1997) Budgin, Jeanne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Human adaptations to a modern, mobile society have resulted in companion animals serving as children, best friends, and partners to single, divorced, and widowed adults. In addition, animals provide individuals with eyes, ears, protection, and friendship. It is not surprising that pet owners often compare veterinarians to pediatricians. Both pediatricians and veterinarians treat the most vulnerable and dependent members of the family, and clients believe health care providers to be sensitive, compassionate, and caring individuals. With these expectations in mind, the veterinarian's response to pet loss has a major influence on client relations and the financial success of the veterinary practice.

( 1997) Carney, Elizabeth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Greetings from the office of the Veterinarian! In my first foray as editor of this fine publication, I would have to say I have learned a great deal about producing this journal, especially about how much work it can be. With the help of my capable staff, we have again produced what I feel is another worthwhile issue. To the staff, Dr. Greve, and Neil Baumhover, my profound thanks for your assistance, ideas, and support.

Canine Club and AAfP Photo Contest Winners
( 1997) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Photo contest finalists, with categories including "Cutest Dog/Puppy", "Hungriest Dog", "Most Athletic", "Best Friends", "Best Expression", "Best Hair" for the Canine Club, and "First Place", "Second Place", "Third Place", and "Cutest Kitten" for the AAFP.

College of Veterinary Medicine Iowa State University Class of 1997
( 1997) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Photos of the graduating class of 1997 of the College of Veterinary Medicine.