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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 25, Issue 3

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Inclusion Body Rhinitis
( 1962) Switzer, W. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Recognition of a new disease in swine may occur because of one of two reasons. The first is occasioned by the recognition of an existing but previously overlooked specific disease agent and its attendant clinical syndrome while the second is due to the introduction of a hitherto absent pathogen into an area, region, or country. In general, it requires some interval of time to be reasonably certain which of these two situations is applicable to a newly recognized clinical problem.

Parting Thoughts
( 1962) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dr. I. A. Merchant, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University, will retire this July 1. His successor will be Dr. George C. Christensen, present head of the anatomy department at Purdue University.

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( 1962) Iowa State University Digital Repository
( 1962) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Is the graduating veterinarian the well rounded professional person that he should be? Before we can answer this, we must consider what the qualities of a professional person are. Webster's dictionary states that medicine, along with theology and law, make up the three learned professions. Is the mastering or comprehension of only veterinary medical information enough to qualify an individual as a member of a learned profession? Learned, which means well informed, certainly means more than a highly specialized knowledge of one filed. This must be kept in mind by all concerned with the development of our students, and every effort must be made to improve situations which hinder this development.

Skunks as Pets
( 1962) Jensen, Elroy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The skunk is a small, fur bearing, carniverous, nocturnal mammal belonging to the weasel family (Mustelidae). It is easily recognized by its black and white color and noted for its strong scent. There are four species of skunks in North America, only two of these are present in the Midwest, the striped skunk and the spotted skunk. The other two, the hooded and the hognose skunk, are found in the southwest. The striped skunk is the favorite as a pet.