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Farming today for young men and women Bulletin P: Volume 3, Issue 82

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Farming today for young men and women
( 1946-12-01) Howell, H. ; Heady, Earl ; Bodensteiner, L. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

It would be impossible to list here all the advantages of farming. There are many. It is a life in the open, with a high degree of personal independence. There is opportunity to work closely as a family group. But if you’ve decided to farm because you’ve heard it’s an “ easy racket,” perhaps you’d better do some more thinking.

Farming isn’t easy. Some years it’s tough. It’s a mistake to be misled by the war and immediate postwar picture. Conditions aren’t likely to stay this bright. We’re already hearing notes of warning about the price recessions— and even of depression. Prices undoubtedly will work downward after the present food emergency eases.

Those of you who were raised on the farm know about the hard work. Those of you who weren’t should be aware of it. And you should know that the weather plays a mighty important part in your lives. Income is seasonal. Most farm homes are not as modern or as convenient as those in the city. Gay entertainment is not quite as close.

If you are married, your wife, too, should be acquainted with the differences between farm and city living, because farming is a family affair.