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The Iowa Homemaker vol.22, no.5 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 22, Issue 5

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The Iowa Homemaker vol.22, no.5
( 2017-07-18) Springer, Mary ; Carter, Virginia ; Brainard, Virginia ; Olson, Dorothy ; Schmidt, Mary ; Horton, Helen ; Tidemanson, Catherine ; Sullivan, Mary ; Walker, Dorothy ; Dudgeon, Eileen ; Mason, Ann ; Zook, Harriet ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Keeping Up With Today, Mary Lou Springer, page 2

Portraits in Sculpture, Virginia Carter, page 3

American Dyes Go to War, Du Pont Magazine, page 4

Vicky Celebrates A Warm Holiday, Virginia Brainard, page 6

Food Experts Back the Victory Effort, Dorothy Olson, page 8

Dehydration Gains in Scope, Mary Schmidt, page 9

What’s New In Home Economics, Helen Horton, page 10

His Christmas Box From You, Catherine Tidemanson, page 12

Across Alumnae Desks, Mary Ellen Sullivan, page 14

In an Ordnance Cafeteria, Dorothy Walker, page 16

Bookmarks, Eileen Dudgeon, page 17

That Hosiery Problem, Ann Mason, page 18

Alums in the News, Harriet Zook, page 20

His Christmas Box From You
( 2017-07-18) Tidemanson, Catherine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Catherine Tidemanson tells how cookies, cakes and sweets may be packaged for men in service

Dehydration Gains in Scope
( 2017-07-18) Schmidt, Mary ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Mary Schmidt tells of the progress which has been made in the dehydration of food products

Foods Experts Back the Victory Effort
( 2017-07-18) Olson, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Iowa State workers have made notable contributions to nutrition research, says Dorothy Olson

Vicky Celebrates A Warm Holiday
( 2017-07-18) Brainard, Virginia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Vicky will brave the winter in gay colors and snug weaves, according to Virginia Brainard