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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 35, Issue 12

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( 2017-08-14) Beem, Anne ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

These chilly November mornings we reach into the closet for that practical and warm straight wool skirt. Although the dark tweed color is practical and in the height of fashion this fall, the skirt isn't quite as comfortable as it was when purchased. It has been harder to pull the straight lines over the hips and thighs and smooth out the puckers across the tummy.

The Family Gives Thanks
( 2017-08-14) Remley, E. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

It is good for families to have a special holiday set aside for expressing thanks to Almighty God for national and personal blessings. Of course this is no substitute for daily thankfulness, but it is a way of reminding us impressively of the importance of being thankful. A spirit of true thankfulness is one of the marks of wholesome family life.

"Sweater Dress-Up"
( 2017-08-14) Mullins, Sue ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Better take a second look before you discard that old sweater or pass it on to little sis. Chances are, with a little ingenuity you can restyle it to fit you wardrobe more satisfactorily than when new.

Introducing: Rose Liu From Formosa
( 2017-08-14) Copeland, Margot ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The Homemaker is pleased to present the second in a series about foreign students studying food and nutrition at Iowa State. Each student will share with Homemaker readers a recipe for one of her favorite native dishes. -editor

Glasses... For Modern Lasses
( 2017-08-14) Schneider, Donna ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Umm- who's that girl? Quite a looker!" exclaimed the boy, glancing at the attractive girl. What's so unusual about that? Nothing- except the girl was one of nearly 60% of the modern women who wear glasses at least part of the time. She is one of the smart women who has given up snubbing her friends on the street because she doesn't see them, for good sight and- best of all,- good looks. Yes, good looks; for glasses have at last caught up with fashion.