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The expansion of vocational education in agriculture in Iowa Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station Research Bulletin: Volume 28, Issue 360

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The expansion of vocational education in agriculture in Iowa
( 2017-06-08) Starrak, J. ; McClelland, J. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The facilities for vocational education in agriculture in the public schools of Iowa leave much to be desired. Only 17 percent of Iowa's high schools are currently offering such instruction. The majority of the high schools, and chiefly those whose enrollments contain large proportions of farm boys, are too small and too poorly equipped to carry on reasonably efficient and economical programs of vocational agriculture. Such programs should serve all the farm people of the community and each should employ the full-time services of at least one properly qualified instructor. Programs not possessing these two characteristics are not recommended by leaders in agricultural education except as temporary expedients. It would appear that the problem of reaching all farm people with agricultural education through the public school cannot be solved satisfactorily until a drastic reorganization of school districts is achieved.