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The Iowa Homemaker vol.7, no.2 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 7, Issue 2

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Making Your Bedroom Cozy
( 2017-04-18) Gray Nystrom, Doris ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Goosey, Goosey, Gander, Where shall I wander? Upstairs and downstairs, And in my lady's chamber."

Some Fish Geography
( 2017-04-18) Pedersen, Sylvia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

After Nicholas Appert's invention of canning saved sailors fro.m the scourge of scurvy by providing them with garden foods and fresh meats, the sea returned the compliment by sending deep-sea. dainties to people who live far inland. Today there are thirty-five varieties of fish products canned, and the housewife finds at least as many more ways of using them.

Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-04-18) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Morning dip, flag raising, project work, games, hikes, swimming, three big wholesome meals, a big campfire, marshmallows, music and the moon with about 70 happy girls all added together and set down in a woodsy place near a lake or river must be a camp. When "Something else is added called the 4-H Spirit, then you have a 4-H camp.

Installment Plan Buying
( 2017-04-18) Edwards, Gwen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

When you pass by a furniture store and see a beautiful dining room set in the window with a sign by it which says, "This set $265.00. $45.00 down ; the rest in easy payments," what do you think? or, when you pick up a Chicago Tribune and seen an advertisement of a washing machine which says "Let us put this machine into your home with a small down payment and easy monthly payments," or when you see a sparkling diamond in an advertisement with these words, '"$5.00 down and $1.00 a week; wear this beautiful ring while you are paying for it." Has it ever occurred to you that this sort of thing is one of the most talked of and written about topic in the business world at present. It is so important that it is commanding the attention of well known men in industry some of whom I will quote a little later on.

Taking the Guess Work Out of Meat Cookery
( 2017-04-18) McElhinney, Elsie ; Brown, Linda ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The modern homemaker cannot take time to learn in the "school of experience" as did her mother and grandmother. With her activities, both social and economic, outside the home, she cannot learn the many processes of housekeeping by doing them innumerable times. She, therefore, demands that science determine within the laboratory the best methods of performing the different operations of homemaking and give her the results.