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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 61, Issue 2

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Index of Volume 61
( 1999) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The index of volume 61 of the Iowa State University Veterinarian, as arranged by authors and subjects.

1999 SCAVMA Awards
( 1999) Smith, Bonnie ; Vymyslicky, Eric ; Tieber, Lisa ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article describes the SCAVMA awards and awardees, including Basic Sciences Teaching Award (to Dr. Ronald Griffith); Clinical Sciences Teaching Award (Dr. Joanne Graham); and Outstanding Service Award (Lisa Bomberger).

Alumni News
( 1999) Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article contains news pertaining to the alumni of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Kevan Flaming Recognized for Outstanding Academic Advising
( 1999) Roe, Erin ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The William O. Reece Academic Advising Award is given annually to a deserving individual in the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine that has exhibited academic excellence. Dr. Reece is a retired University Professor Emeritus that the award is named after. The winner is chosen by the Faculty and Alumni Awards Committee of the college of Veterinary Medicine from student chosen nominees. This year's distinguished winner is Kevan Flaming, DVM, Ph.D. of Rural and General Practice Option. Dr. Flaming is technically named an Instructional Development Specialist. His job requires him to assist faculty in improving teaching and student learning. He is also temporarily in charge of the Interactive Multimedia Lab. His days are routinely in meetings, reading e-mails, and communicating with students, faculty, and administration.

ISU CVM Honors Three Alumni with Stange Award
( 1999) Vymyslicky, Eric ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This year, the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine is honoring Dr. Kenneth Bartels, Dr. Joseph Sexton, and Dr. Kenneth Wilcke with the Stange Award. The three ISU alumni also visited campus in October and held a question and answer session on the future direction of veterinary medicine.