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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 38, Issue 8

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Off-Campus Commentary
( 2017-08-15) Wasby, Steve ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A newspaper reporter, a recent graduate of Antioch, when asked to describe his alma mater in one word, answered " Progressive." Although it is difficult to catch the attitude of an educational institution in a word, this sets the tone well.

Core Committee Publishes Guide To Electives
( 2017-08-15) Burgoin, Margarite ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A handbook on electives for Home Economics students has been sent to press. The handbook, prepared by H o m e Economics Student Core Curriculum Committee, will be available for use in preclassification this quarter.

Personalized Pillows
( 2017-08-15) Rasmussen, Diane ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a pillow can be that special gift for which you're always looking and seldom find. Using a 98-cent bag of foam rubber bits as your pot of gold and a sturdy ,fabric of any color of the rainbow, you will find no limit to the personality you can give to a pillow.

Nutrition and the World Food Supply
( 2017-08-15) Gibson, Jane ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Millions still go hungry in the world today. Despite great advances in the science of food production and in trade improvements, masses of the world's population are undernourished. Recent World Food Surveys by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations show the continuing complexity of the world's food problem.

Room Contest Winners
( 2017-08-15) Steidel, Elisa ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Gold, white and brown spark the winning room in the 1959 Homemaker Room Contest. Winners Katy Barry, June Fretheim and Jan Jones have combined their ideas and talents to make cheery and comfortable their room on the north side of West Linden Hall.