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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 35, Issue 10

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Furniture She Made
( 2017-08-14) Anderson, Jan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Future career girls and brides can build furniture for their new homes while receiving two credits toward graduation. In Applied Art 445, Constructive and Decorative Design, both art majors and non-majors design and build furniture to fit in with their future furnishings. The prerequisites for the course are Basic Design 103, Constructive and Decorative Design 344 and Craft Design 345.

( 2017-08-14) Copeland, Margot ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

As tomorrow's Homemaker with an armed forces base or a small apartment immediately in your future, you need no longer worry about where to store the kitchen and cleaning equipment every homemaker needs, or how to pack and transport such appliances.

Homemaker Salutes: Miss Belle Lowe
( 2017-08-14) Gregory, Betty ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Belle Lowe clad in a professional white uniform working in her laboratory in the second floor of Home Economics Hall. Then again, you might find her crouched close to the ground seeking the right angle for photographing dew drops on bright spring flowers.

Open Letter to My Son
( 2017-08-14) McDirmid Hansen, Jean ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dear Wink: It wasn't too long ago that your father and I hung over your crib. You had been giving us a particularly trying evening. At last you were soundly sleeping. I drew a long sigh of relief and said, "I can hardly wait till he can talk". Your father had put in a hard day on the mad. He said, "I can hardly wait till he grows up and gets married."

I'm Glad I'm Married
( 2017-08-14) Overholt, Martin ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Approximately one out of every five Iowa State College students is married. I didn't know these figures when I was planning to be married, but I don't think any statistics would have influenced me. I got married to be with Mary Kay and to have our own home.