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Ames Forester: Volume 80, Issue 1

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Society of American Foresters
( 1993) Saunders, Mike ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This year was a busy year for the ISU student chapter of the Society of American Foresters. Things began quickly with the designing of a hat logo for use . in raising money for the club. Approximately, 70 hats were sold at the fall meeting of the Iowa SAF and the chapter netted a profit of about $150.

Christmas Tree Sales
( 1993) Saunders, Mike ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

For a second year in a row, the ISU Forestry Club sold trees at the Horticulture Gardens on the north side of campus. Over 200 trees were sold this year, including the first 10 trees ever cut from the Forestry Club Christmas Tree Plantation.

1993 Wild Game Banquet
( 1993) Gossman, Mark ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The annual Wild Game Banquet was held on April 3, 1993, at the Scheman building here at Iowa State University. The evening allows students, faculty, alumni, staff and parents to become acquainted with each other and to enjoy an excellent meal.

Rafting on the Mississippi
( 1993) Boeckh, Fred ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In 1844, nearly a hundred years ago, the first log raft was floated down the Mississippi River. No power was used. The raft moved with the current and was guided by long oars or sweeps fastened on the back or stern of the raft. Strenuous working of the weeps was required to keep the cumbersome raft in the main channel of the river.

( 1993) Martin, C.W. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The hush of evening quieted the restless waters of Pelican lake. The sweetly melancholy song of the Hermit Thrush far away in the deep green of pine and balsam. drifted faintly across the rice covered bay announcing the angelus hour of the forest. I ceased my paddling and sat in silent reverence gazing on the flaming crimson of the western sky which silhouetted the slender cathedral spires of the spruces. Suddenly a loud halloo disturbed my reverie and turning quickly I say a grizzled man of enormous stature standing on the rocky shore.