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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 16, Issue 7

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Plant Disease Outlook -- 1962
( 1962) Worf, Gayle ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The real question for 1962 is the degree to which different plant diseases may develop and the amount of losses that may result. The answers depend on a number of factors, and weather conditions will be particularly important.

Home Garden Varieties for 1962
( 1962) Mahlstede, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Here's a rundown on home garden varieties that you may wish to consider for growing in 1962. Included are some of the newer ones now available as well as some of the more familiar, established and proven varieties.

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 16, No.7
( 1962) Extension and Experiment Station Publications
Farm and Home Outlook for 1962
( 1962) Kutish, Francis ; Olson, Phyllis ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Demand for the products produced by Iowa farmers is expected to be stronger for the year 1962 as a whole than it was in 1961. Economic activity has rebounded rather sharply from the recession low reached in early 1961. It's expected to advance further this year. Rising incomes, coupled with population growth, will result in a stronger domestic market for food and other farm products in 1962.

Insect and Rodent Prospects for 1962
( 1962) Gunderson, Harold ; Peters, Don ; Stockdale, H. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

What insects will we have this year? Insect problems depend a lot on weather conditions. Keeping this in mind and looking at the problems in 1961, here are the prospects for 1962 - and what to do about them.