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Iowa Farm Science: Volume 15, Issue 5

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How Effective Are Hay Conditioners?
( 1960-12-01) Casselman, T. ; Fincham, Robert ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Tests here at Iowa State and elsewhere show that, with proper management, hay conditioning can result in better quality hay and decrease exposure risks. In good weather, conditioning can cut curing time almost in half.

States Share in Creating Hog Cycle
( 1960-12-01) Beneke, Raymond ; Kaldor, Donald ; Herendeen, James ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Do particular states or regions add more than their share to the ups and downs in hog production? Generally not. Hog-producing states contribute to the cycle roughly in proportion to the total number of hogs they raise.

Why Do We Let Our Soil Erode?
( 1960-12-01) Blase, Melvin ; Timmons, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

This is the third report on the progress being made in erosion control in western Iowa. Soil losses have been reduced, but they still exceed levels that operators themselves believe necessary to maintain soil productivity.

Shade Trees for Iowa
( 1960-12-01) Tarr, Margherita ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Shade trees contribute in many ways to make our lives more comfortable, interesting and enjoyable. That's why they should be chosen and located with care and judgment. Here are some pointers and suggestions to help .

Iowa Farm Science Vol. 15, No. 5-6
( 1960-12-01) Extension and Experiment Station Publications