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Fall 2013 Ethos: Volume 2014, Issue 1

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( 2015-05-18) Haffar, Andreas ; Hanson, Ali ; Vance, Sarah ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

We’ve all been walking on campus and overheard the most bizarre conversations between students, right? Overheard at ISU is a Facebook page where students can post the absurd things they hear around campus and share it with their peers. For a good laugh, read the top thirteen quotes we’ve taken from their page.

Cook like a F*cking Badass
( 2015-05-18) Roppe, Kiana ; Klauer, Emerald ; Zabel, Liz ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Contains recipes for a red-wine cocktail, meatloaf cupcakes, and whipped coffee.

Strut of Pride
( 2015-05-18) Khatib, Amira ; Jerde, Madison ; Zabel, Liz ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

You’ve seen them walking down the street in the wee hours of the morning with the messy hair, shades on and clearly wearing last night’s outfit. They are the walk-of-shamers. Even though it’s easy to stare and snicker at them, admit it—you can’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy, especially if you are up that early actually being responsible. The good and bad news is that at one point or another, whether guy or girl, you are bound to be one of them. If you have been or ever are, it’s time to put away the shame and take a cue from the Dos Equis man: he doesn’t always do the walk of shame, but when he does it’s the strut of pride. After all, you just got laid or at least had a juicy hookup, amirite? Well, now you can bask in the glow of it.

Tribal Seeds: Getting Back to their Roots
( 2015-05-18) Daws, Dallas ; Welch, Jordan ; Cantrell, Miranda ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Hands and bodies sway to the mellow, feel-good music as Tribal Seeds steers the atmosphere in a slow swell to Rastafarian bliss. Infusing crowd favorites with new songs, the set starts with their laid-back roots reggae tunes and ends on a high-energy jam, which brings in vocals from HIRIE and Fortunate Youth while sending the crowd into a hypnotic dance frenzy. Dreaded hair flies through the air as the band and crowd alike move to the beat.

Front Matter
( 2015-05-18) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Contains "Cover", "Staff", "Table of Contents", and "Letter from the Editor".