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Baby beef production Bulletin: Volume 15, Issue 181

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Baby beef production
( 2017-08-10) Pew, W. ; Evvard, John ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

Methods employed and results secured in baby beef production work at Walnut Ridge Stock Farm, E. M . Cassady and Son, proprietors, Whiting, Iowa, with the Animal Husbandry, Section of the Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station co-operating.

The ranch cattle owner has reduced the selling age.of his steers from four and five years to two-year-olds, yearlings, and to a relatively large extent, calves, depending upon conditions of climate' and feed, and demands from feeders of the corn belt.

The corn belt farmer contends with high priced land, feed and labor. Outside of the field of purebred beef cattle production his operations are very largely limited to the feeding of cattle purchased from the range, usually thru the central market. Some farmers have been raising their own cattle for feeding purposes. They find the conditions of high priced land, feed, arid labor favorable in some respects to baby beef production.