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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 2, Issue 1

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The Iowa Homemaker vol.2, no.1
( 2017-02-13) Easter, Helen ; Volz, E ; Bailey, N Beth ; Lerdall, Millie ; Curtiss, Olive ; Storm, Elizabeth ; Cook, Rosamond ; Dodge, Alice ; Ingersoll, Blanche ; Beyer, Jeanette ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Table of Contents

“Campusing” in Our Own Tea Room by Helen Easter, page 1

Is Your Garden Plus or Minus? by E. C. Volz, page 2

Supper Without the Frying Pan by N. Beth Bailey, page 3

Enter the Easter Bonnet… Veiled! by Millie Lerdall, page 4

Housecleaning on the Installment Plan by Olive W. Curtiss, page 4

But My Child Won’t Drink Milk by Elizabeth Storm, page 5

What Every Shoeman Knows by Rosamond Cook, page 6

The Realization of Your Own Dream Room by Alice Dodge, page 7

Fat Frying vs. Digestion Difficulties by Blanche Ingersoll, page 10

Who’s There and Where by Jeanette Beyer, page 12

Enter the Easter Bonnet... Veiled!
( 2017-02-13) Lerdall, Millie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

COLORS and flowers, gay ribbons and bowers-all for an Easter hat. But what for the accompanying veil? Is the joy and freshness of a new hat and a radiantly happy face to be dimmed by an unharmonious veil? Not if milady is wary and makes her choices according to the laws of color and design as they apply in her particular case. Not if she re· members to buy her veil to conform to her hat.

What Every Shoeman Knows
( 2017-02-13) Cook, Rosamond ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Every woman wants shoes that will look well, fit well, and wear well. Shall she depend upon the honesty and knowledge of the average salesman to aid her in the selection of her foot wear or is it desirable that she seek to learn how to make an intelligent choice for herself?

Is Your Garden Plus or Minus?
( 2017-02-13) Volz, E. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The home garden has come to stay. In every well planned home it is as much a part of the equipment as the kitchen or the dining room. It is an outdoor supply room. However, many people think this "supply room" cannot be improved upon. This is a mistake and the person who believes that his or her garden is the acme of perfection will soon be traveling in a garden rut. Too often home vegetable plots are laid out year after year m precisely the same fashion, the same kind of vegetables in the same place. It has become a habit to do it this way. If rotation is good for farm crops why shouldn't it be valuable for vegetable crops? Gardeners need to get out of the old rut and make the vegetable yield plus instead of minus, not only in quantity but also in quality.

"Campusing" in Our Own Tea Room
( 2017-02-13) Easter, Helen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

They don't say why because it's a rule that doesn't always hold true, as for example in the Campus Tea Room at Iowa State College.

"Don't the girls ever have bad luck?" a college professor, a mere man, innocently asked after a delightful luncheon m the Campus Tea Room one day. "I've been eating here for over a year and I've never been able to find fault."

The Campus Tea Room was the realization of a dream of Dean McKay. For several years it had been considered. Members of the Home Economics faculty wanted it because it would help to solve the problem of a warm noonday lunch. Home Economics students wanted it because of the opportunities for young women with experience in such lines of work.