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The Charm of Old Furniture---Daybeds
( 2017-04-10) Pugh, Gale ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Years ago, when tolerance was low, we found people leaving countries because they could not believe that which they most desired to. At this time our great-grandfathers came to this country on their poor little ships to seek freedom. With them they brought those pieces of furniture which were most needed and most treasured.

Do You Know Your Kitchen Knives?
( 2017-04-10) Brigham, Harriet ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Artisans need tools for the work they perform. Artists also need tools. Be ye artist or artisan at work in your kitchen, you will have a much better spirit at your work and will turn out a far superior product if you have the right tools with which to work.

Girls' 4-H Club
( 2017-04-10) Iowa State University Digital Repository

The 4-H club girls of Iowa have one project that teaches interior decoration. It is called Home Furnishing and the girl uses her own room as her subject of study and laboratory. Good taste in decorating a home is not a talent, but with a desire, it may be cultivated. So a knowledge of what is true beauty in home furnishing, of fundamental principles of good color, line, arrangement and fitness, of the importance of simplicity is gained through this study. The girls learn that through thoughtful planning, not great expenditure, they may have more attractive rooms.

Boston Beans vs. Turnip Greens
( 2017-04-10) Turner, Marcia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Nobody asked me for my opinion or for any stray information I might have on this subject. As a matter of fact, I am supposed to be expounding something or other about methods of teaching, but for two good reasons, I am changing the subject. One reason is that a beaten track tends to lose its romance and there is a lot more enjoyment in writing on some subject that isn't too drably every day in its setting.

Home Responsibilities in High School Girls
( 2017-04-10) Maltby, Lucy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

What are the home and family doing for the Junior high school girl? What is the Junior high school girl doing· for her home, her mother, father, sisters and brothers? What is the girl's attitude in relation to her home? Toward the acquisition of what permanent interests, appreciations, standards and ideals, abilities and skills is the mother leading her daughter? Is she educating her daughter for homemaking, or is she having her "wash dishes to help out?" Whether the girl eventually marries or not, she always has some kind of a home- perhaps only one room That Junior high school girl is a member of a home now.