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The Iowa Homemaker vol.16, no.8 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 16, Issue 8

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Teachers Reveal Pets and Peeves
( 2017-05-22) Schenk, Peggy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Do teachers have pets? We can't answer that query, but we do know that they, like you and you and you, have pet peeves.

Color Passports to Spring
( 2017-05-22) Carroll, Gaynold ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Beauty that dims the moon," and hues that beg to be used in twos and threes are characteristic of the novelty colors in unusual casts that have been introduced in the color calendar this spring. The color pendulum swings with the season and gives you what it takes to catch that new feeling - "new" with a tinge of smartness and freshness.

French Cookery Puzzles
( 2017-05-22) Cummings, Beth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Have you ever ordered from an a la carte menu, and then rested uneasily until your food arrived because you weren't very sure of your French? A menu can be as mystifying as mental telepathy and just as confusing if your knowledge of foreign languages extends no further than that Latin you took during your first two years in high school.

Let Us Swing Into Spring!
( 2017-05-22) Johnson, Beth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Beauty may be only skin deep and clothes may not make the woman, but Sally surely won't let those old and worthy adages keep her from trying her "extra hardest to look her special best" this spring-at least that is what she told me in one of those intimate interviews of hers she rarely grants.

Polished People Wear Polished Nails
( 2017-05-22) Helser, Jane ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A college girl's hands do all sorts of things: peel vegetables in foods lab, mix up acids in chemistry and type term reports. Since nail polishes have become a fashion favorite, hands are more conspicuous than ever. Well kept hands are a sign of good grooming.