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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 37, Issue 1

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"Daddy...?" "Yes, Son...?"
( 2017-08-15) Hawkes, Glenn ; Hawkes, Greg ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

By the time you are ready for college, Greg, you will be bigger and so will Iowa State College. Not even the latest model crystal ball can help me predict all the changes we'll see in 1970.

Paper-Quick Parties
( 2017-08-15) Fox, Nancy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

What child wouldn't love to go on a make-believe trip to Hawaii? All of the decorations for the party can be made in no time at all.

Dolls Are For the Young At Heart
( 2017-08-15) Herman, Orma ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dolls are for little girls to love, but grownup women can play with dolls too. Mrs. W. Paul Jones, wife of an Iowa State English professor, has combined her love of dolls and sewing into a hobby that is also a history of her family wardrobe.

CD Majors on Tour
( 2017-08-15) Merchant, Nancy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On a Sunday afternoon last May, 27, child development majors embarked by bus for a 3 day field trip to Chicago.

"Sizzle a Steak" Hawaiian Style
( 2017-08-15) Hirotsu, Muriel ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

"Mahina Lahanau" means bright moonlight dancing over the water, warm blazing fire making bright spots on a sandy beach, delectable aroma of steaks sizzling a campfire, gay singing of songs to the accompaniment of a ukelele or guitar, and happy laughter which rings through the quiet night.