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The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 39, Issue 6

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Who's the Pretty Girl?
( 2017-08-16) Benjegerdes, Grace ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Who is that pretty girl? What are her beauty secrets? Actually the pretty girl doesn't possess secrets at all. She just follows some basic beauty tips.

The cookbook- My Bride and I
( 2017-08-16) Johnson, Hal ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

By a strange quirk of nature I grew up eating, and relishing things like fried chicken with gobs of thick brown gravey, creamed-potatoes with big hunks of butter melting in the middle and running clown the sides, steaks smothered with heaps and heaps of delectable onions, fresh spring corn-on-the-cob with grains just bursting with golden goodness, fist-size biscuits oozing· huge drops of crystal-clear honey, and deep cobblers jammed with apples, peaches, and strawberries. Like most southern boys, I gobbled eaten' like that till I reckon I just took it for granted- till I met Sarah.

The Iowa Homemaker vol.39A, no.6
( 2017-08-16) Wright, Judie ; Wander, Karen ; Boughton, Carole ; Johnson, Hal ; Shellenbarger, Carol ; Leonard, Robert ; Furman, Jan ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Food Researchers Explore Nutritional Problems, Judie Wright, page 4

The Friendly Letter, Karen Wander, page 6

Pop on a Poncho, Carole Boughton, page 7

The Cookbook – My Bride and I, Hal Johnson, page 8

The Prairie House a Dean Calls His Home, Carol Shellenbarger, page 10

I See Your Daddy Won the Game, Robert Leonard, page 12

Spray Paint Your Radio for $2, Jan Furman, page 14

The Friendly Letter, A Part of You
( 2017-08-16) Wander, Karen ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

If you like to receive letters, do you realize how important it is to also write letters? Do you not only think it is hard to find time to write these letters, but also hard to think of something to say?

See How Your Daddy Won The Game
( 2017-08-16) Leonard, Robert ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

I was just ten when my folks took my cousin and me to Chicago to see a baseball game. I had never been such a distance from our Iowa farm and there could not have been a happier kid in the city. Thousands of cars streamed down streets half a block wide.