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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 19, Issue 2

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Intestinal Obstruction of the Canine
( 1957) Ewald, Bruce ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The possibility of foreign bodies in the intestinal tract should be a consideration in dogs exhibiting persistent emesis. Younger dogs are more likely to ingest foreign objects due to their playful and curious attitude. The object may remain in the stomach and cause varied symptoms depending upon the degree of irritation to the gastric mucosa and the size of the object.

Two-Headed Calf Causes Dystocia
( 1957) Hall, Rodney ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

On Jan. 26, 1957, a 3 year old Guernsey cow was brought to Stange Memorial Clinic because of dystocia. Dr. D. E. Gubser of Earlham, Iowa, had diagnosed a two-headed calf in anterior presentation causing the dystocia and recommended sending the cow to the clinic for cesarean section.

Traumatic Esophagitis
( 1957) Van Sickle, Dave ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

A 4 year old female Dalmatian was admitted to the Stange Memorial Clinic on Aug. 13, 1956, with the following history. The local veterinarian had examined the dog and found a small, hard non-fluctuating mass in the region of the thyroid. It was surmised that the dog was possibly suffering from a thyroid deficiency, precipitated by a tumor in the reg~on. The dog was placed on thyroid extract therapy but reacted violently by vomiting and exhibiting severe malaise.

Alumni News
( 1957) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Impressions of Veterinary medicine in Europe
( 1957) Kingrey, B. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In attempting to comment on a six weeks tour of European veterinary schools it must first be acknowledged that impressions gained are not necessarily factual. This is particularly true since the visits were made during the vacation period while classes were not in session and many of the faculty members were vacationing. Also in certain of the countries the language problem prevented a complete exchange of thoughts. Nevertheless, the cordiality and warmth with which i was received and the effort made to fully acquaint me with each school was gratifying.