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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 34, Issue 4

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Iowa State College Journal of Science 34.4
( 1960-05-15) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Foreword. A.L. MC Comb. 503

Professor George Bernhardt Hartman. G.B. MC Donald and George W. Thomson. 505

Teaching forestry economics. William A. Duerr and Frederick S. Hopkins, Jr. 507

Forestry education-pyramid or tree? Archie E. Patterson. 513

Some pioneers and leaders in American forestry and conservation. J.A. Larsen. 521

Forest products and income taxes. Dayton W. Countryman. 545

A simplified method of computing cordwood volumes in the woods. Jim E. Dale. 551

Forestry in the Philippines. C.E. Farnsworth. 559

An analytical approach to the management of forest land for beef cattle and timber production. G.E. Gatherum. 565

Tree volume and realization value determination from cruise date by electronic computer in Oregon by the United States Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management. George B. Hartman, Jr. and Edwin Zaidlicz. 575

Michigan's national forests. T.F. Kouba. 587

The effect of population pressures on timber needs in the United States. Eliot Zimmerman. 591

Some temperature and photoperiod effects on growth of eastern redcedar seedlings. Walter T. Bagley and Ralph A. Read. 595

Intensive control of logging ponderosa pine. James W. Barrett. 603

Radioactive phosphorus as a translocation tracer. G.N. Brown. 609

Controlling oaks with stem-applied herbicides. Kenneth A. Brinkman. 613

Abnormal flowering behavior in aspen. Dean W. Einspahr. 623

Some factors affecting oak and black walnut reproduction. John E. Krajicek. 631

Forest encroachment in native prairie. Clair L. Kucera. 635

Moisture sampling in wildland soils with a neutron probe. Robert A. Merriam. 641

Present status of oak management in Wisconsin. Harold F. Scholz. 649

The ecological approach and use of prescribed burning in southern pine silviculture. T.H. Silker. 661

Fire retardant treatment on the Danta Fe. L.C. Collister. 685

Specific gravity of red pine as related to stem and crown-formed wood. Glenn A. Cooper. 693

A consumer preference study of charcoal in central Iowa. Norman J. Hansen and I. Irving Holland. 709

Evaluation of glue line quality by block shear, plywood shear, and cross-lap test specimens, Ray E. Renaud. 713

Plan cover and forage use of alpine sheep ranges in the central Rocky Mountains. Harold A. Paulsen, Jr. 731

An abridged history southern range research. Robert S. Rummell. 749