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The Iowa Homemaker vol.22, no.3 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 22, Issue 3

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The Union Expands for Navy
( 2017-07-18) Bates, Virginia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Virginia Bales explains the Memorial Union's system in feeding hundreds of Navy men daily

The Army Plans His Uniform for Comfort.... His Recreation for Morale
( 2017-07-18) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Today's Army uniform is trim, light-weight and weather-proof. Athletics, movies, music, art and literature are offered to the men in our fighting forces.

Enriched Flour for a Strong Nation
( 2017-07-18) Beneke, Marjorie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Marjorie Beneke describes the role of enriched flour and bread in the present nutrition drive

The "Y" Backs Victory
( 2017-07-18) Abbott, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors are awaiting the beginning of YWCA activities this fall. Room 116, Home Economics Building, new home of the "Y" since the Army Reserve has moved into the former "Y" building, is already overflowing with plans for a full and interesting year, with emphasis on war work.

Iowa Staters Make Vacations Count
( 2017-07-18) Tidemanson, Catherine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Iowa State women return from varied summer positions with valuable experience, says Catherine Tidemanson