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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 26, Issue 4

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Status Quo
( 1964) Bloomquist, Kristina ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Many veterinary students are minimally aware of public attitudes toward themselves as a group and toward their profession. As veterinary students, we are under considerable scholastic pressure; we attend classes with other veterinary students for four years and frequently our social contacts are only with other veterinary students. These factors encourage myopia toward and a lack of awareness of our public image. Favorable and respectful opinions of Veterinary Medicine are desirable for each member of the public is a potential user of our services

( 1964) Schroeder, Joseph ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Tetanus is a highly fatal toxemia due to infection of injured or otherwise devitalized tissues by Clostridium tetani. It is characterized clinically by hyperesthesia, tetany, and convulsions.

Faculty News
( 1964) Iowa State University Digital Repository
Obiter Dictum
( 1964) Huhn, Ronald ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

To evaluate the methods of any field, to fix its boundaries, to determine its aim, a philosophy of education or training is needed. To synthesize such a philosophy is a formidable, a sensitive, an uncommon undertaking.

Some Clinical Uses of Hormones in the Cow
( 1964) Filkins, Mylon ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

The clinical use of hormones for the augmentation of fertility in the female is of practical importance. To the Livestock breeder, the value of his stock is measured by the production of offspring. It is essential that the veterinarian have an understanding of the complex hormonal control of the estrus cycle. This knowledge is necessary to understand possible variations in length and activities of the cycle and aids in the therapeutic use of hormone products.