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The Iowa Homemaker vol.6, no.2 and no.2 Extra The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 6, Issue 2

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Applied Art
( 2017-04-07) Hansen, Joanna ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

We hope you are planning to come. back to see how our courses in Applied Art have developed since 1901, when the first class in Interior House Design was taught. With students sufficient for one class and one room in the early history of home economics at Iowa State College, tho enrollment has increased to such a degree that we now have 10 Applied Art laboratories ho·used in the beautiful new Home Economics Building. Don't you wish you were taking your art work all over again?

Institutional Management
( 2017-04-07) Brown, Linda ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This beautiful spring day makes us think of housecleaning and moving, and you will be glad to know that we are getting ready to move the tea room into the· new building.

The Household Administration Department
( 2017-04-07) Lindquist, Ruth ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

From a department with instructors loaned from the Foods and Nutrition, and Textiles and Clothing Departments, Household Administration has grown to have its own faculty, which at the present time numbers 12, with Dean Richardson as its head. Some of the newer developments in Home Economics are to be found in this department, thru courses in child care and training, equipment and home management. Miss Davison is in charge of equipment work; Mrs. Lancaster directs the child care and training program, and Miss Lindquist is responsible for the home management courses. Dr. Elizabeth Hoyt is Dr. Hazel Kyrk's successor this year and is directing a study of consumption habits in Iowa farm homes as a part of the program of research on the economic problems of the home.

A Walk Around the Campus
( 2017-04-07) Brashear, Vivian ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Have you been on the old campus recently, girls? Yes, I know you're looking up at the old campanile, hearing its clear, penetrating chime one, two, three ,and then the old familiar tune. A flood of memories is welling up with the tingle in your blood and the moisture in your eyes!

In Our New Home at Last
( 2017-04-07) Turner, Marcia ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

the building is done and before you read this, we shall be moving in, bag and baggage. There'll be a regular exodus from Physics Building of Applied Art, Textiles and Clothing and Vocational Education; from "'Old Ag" of the Homemaker's Unit; from the annexes and studios (otherwise known as the "shacks") of Institutional, and an overflow group from Art and Clothing, and from ".Ag" Engineering Building of the Household Equipment-all moving home! We suspect that the kind neighbors who have so unselfishly housed us for so long will be quite as happy as we are.