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The Iowa Homemaker vol.22, no.1 The Iowa Homemaker: Volume 22, Issue 1

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Victory Shipments Advance
( 2017-07-18) Nelson, Bernadine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

In less than a year 500 million dollars was spent by the Surplus Marketing Administration in purchasing food products, naval supplies and non-food items such as cotton for the Lend-Lease program and some domestic uses. Food supplies are bought in tremendous quantities with the total cost amounting to more than 400 million dollars. These figures are for the short period between March 15 and November 30, 1941.

"Martha Says to You..."
( 2017-07-18) Wendel, Julie ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Experiences of the director of WOI Homemaker's Half-Hour are related by Julie Wendel

Meat - to the Front
( 2017-07-18) Roost, Dorothy ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dorothy Ann Roost, '41, discusses findings of Elmo Roper, well-known surveyor, on consumer food likes

Homemaking on the Test
( 2017-07-18) Kaufmann, Katherine ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Katherine Kaufmann explains the various activities in a large magazine testing laboratory

In the Army Health Marches On
( 2017-07-18) Porter, Margaret ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Margaret Porter explains how the army's health has gained with improved meals and camp life