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Soybean hay for fattening lambs Bulletin: Volume 19, Issue 234

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Soybean hay for fattening lambs
( 2017-08-11) Evvard, John ; Culbertson, C. ; Hammond, W. ; Henness, K. ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

The use of soybeans in the Corn Belt has increased considerably in recent years. The ground seed and oilmeal prepared from it, have been quite extensively used for supplemental feeding. Soybeans have likewise been successfully planted along with corn, either for sheeping-down, hogging-down, or silage production purposes. The field of usefulness for soybeans is enlarging to the economic advantage of Iowa farming enterprises.

The practical possibilities of growing soybeans for hay are worthy of attention; it was with the idea of determining the relative value of soybean hay, either whole or ground, as compared to clover hay in the ration of fattening lambs, that the experiment reported herein was planned and conducted.