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Limiting the grain ration for fattening cattle Bulletin: Volume 15, Issue 182

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Limiting the grain ration for fattening cattle
( 2017-08-10) Pew, W. ; Evvard, John ; Dunn, Russell ; Extension and Experiment Station Publications

During the past few years, the Iowa cattle feeder has been confronted with the big problem of determining how much corn grain to feed fattening cattle with corn silage allowed in conjunction with linseed oil meal as the supplement and a leguminous hay, such as alfalfa, as the dry roughage.

Should the cattle be full-fed or limited-fed ?

How limited should the grain ration be?

If full-fed, how should the grain be given the cattle, by hand-fed or self-fed methods?

Can all of the silage be replaced, economically, with alfalfa from the roughage standpoint?

Should the same methods be employed for feeding from 150 to 160 days as for 120 days?