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Iowa State Journal of Research: Volume 50, Issue 4

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Iowa State Journal of Research 50.4
( 1976-05-01) Iowa State University Digital Repository

Dobson, J.M. The impact of the New York Mugwumps on the election of 1884. 317

Shaw, .H.. Moisture stress effects on corn in Iowa in 1974. 335

Yoesting, D.R., and R.J. Burdge. Utility of a leisure-orientation scale. 34

Ellis, C.J. Syringeal histology. V. Thraupidae: Yellow-rumped tanager, Ramphocelus icteronotus, and scarlet tanager, Piranga olivacea. 357

Thomas, R.A., and R.L. Willham. The effects of model fidelity and competition in an animal selection simulation on professional breeder's attitude toward the simulation. 363

Dyko, B.J. Aquatic hyphomycetes found in five sites in Story County, Iowa. 371

Seitz, W.K., and .B. Dahlgren. Socioeconomic characteristics and attitudes of users of the Upper Iowa River. 385

Knight, H.H., and J.C. Schaffner. New and old species of the genus Ilnacora Reuter (Hemiptera, Miridae). 399

Palmieri, J.R., and H A. James. Metacercarial composition and development in Apatemon gracilis (Trematoda: Strigeidae). 409

Rogal, S.J. Observations upon the general state of Pope's finances. 419