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Iowa State University Veterinarian: Volume 33, Issue 2

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Training Programs for Veterinarians in Laboratory Animal Medicine
( 1971) Schollmeyer, Michael ; Flatt, Ronald ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

For over a hundred years animal shave been used for research in America. Until the 1920's little attention was given to the maintenance, husbandry, nutrition and diseases of experimental animals. Biological research workers have always realized the importance of maintaining high standards of quality in their research and in recent years these high standards have been extended to their experimental animals.

A Case Report of Aplastic Anemia in a Dog
( 1971) Raiser, Steven ; Hoskins, Johnny ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Aplastic anemia is defined as a failure of the bone marrow to produce erythrocytes. A milder form of anemia is hypoplastic, in which there is an insufficient number of erythrocytes being released from bone marrow.

Large Animal Medicine Crossword Puzzle
( 1971) Moenning, Larry ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

This article contains a crossword puzzle review quiz pertaining to large animal medicine for the benefit of students of the College of Veterinary Medicine.

The Trichiniasis Problem: Facts, Fallacies, and Future
( 1971) Zimmermann, W. ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Using adaptability to hosts and historical implications as criteria, Trichinella spiralis must be one of the oldest of disease producing organisms. Development of adaptability to hosts by parasitic agent is regarded as a slow, evolving process. Natural host records for trichinae have been reported for over 100 species, with probably all mammals being susceptible to infection with this parasite.

Curriculum Directors in Veterinary Medicine: Editorial
( 1971) Fuller, Bill ; Iowa State University Digital Repository

Veterinary medicine is in an awkward position. Unlike human medicine, it is involved with a multitude of animal species. However, there is a need to determine what services the investing public demands. In other words, it is necessary to emphasize those phases of veterinary medicine which serve the public most.